Planning Is Bringing

The Future Into The Present.

"I’m not afraid of dying. I’m afraid of not trying. What’s worse than death? Quitting. If you start something, make it your business to finish it."

About Mr. Peden CEO


My mission is to help create as many successful entrepreneurs/businesses as possible by helping them establish a solid foundation for every level of their entrepreneurial journey. I would like to help others understand the importance of financial literacy and help them approach their goals with clarity and confidence.


• Self Employed • Investor • Sales Director • Liaison • Business Developer • Distribution Manager

• Financial Consultant • Network Marketing • Entrepreneur Advocate • License Agent



Chief Executive Officer

Peden Family Group

• Directors' skills and knowledge to develop strategies, align objectives and achieve targets.

• Managed organization's financial assets, controls and budgets.

• Leveraged strategic business management to stimulate business expansion.

• Utilized excellent leadership to confront complex industrial realities and challenges. Motivated and led staff with implementation of good policies and decision-making to boost company growth and standards.

• Represented organization during events, meetings and programs.

• Exercised calculated decisions during crisis and uncertainty to minimize risk.

• Established and maintained professional relationships with customers, public and private sectors within community.

• Pursued and resolved operational and financial deficiencies to keep organization financially stable.

• Utilized available resources and recommended changes to stabilize organization.

• Cultivated positive culture, structures and environment to help teams fulfill organizational mission and objectives.